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Zahm Computerized Piercing Device (Series 14000), USA--단종--대체품 ADGV-1
판매가격 0원
제조회사 Zahm & Nagel
원산지 USA
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Zahm Computerized Piercing Device (Series 14000)--단종-대체품 ADGV-1 

The Zahm Computerized Piercing Device is a newly developed instrument for
testing volumes of C02 gas in bottles and cans. Gas volumes are measured
directly by the computer; thereby eliminating the need for C02 gas conversion
charts and yielding very accurate, reliable results even in the hands of an
inexperienced operator. Both temperature and pressure are LCD displayed
and can be re-calibrated by the operator. Two C02 conversion tables can be
installed in the computer (for example, sugar and diet beverages/beer and water).
Data memory and read out are available for 5 samples. Altitude correction factors
can also be entered. Available in one and two litre sizes. Computer and thermometer
may be ordered separately for attachment to existing Zahm Piercing Devices.
Please specify when inquiring about this instrument whether you wish a beer or
soft drink model. Soft drink models also need to indicate whether the unit is for
a Coca Cola plant since these require a different formula in the computer.


#14001 --Computerized Piercing Device (1 Liter)
P/N Description P/N Description
6006 Thermometer Stop 14004 Temperature sensor
5018 Guide Rod 19" Long (2 req'd) for 2 liter size tester 5057 Hose nipple (Teflon)
14003 Computer 5058 Nipple nut
6019 Cross bar for 2 liter size Tester 5077 Snift Valve
5027 Lock Springs (2 req'd) 6007 Thermometer Adapter
5026 Lock Plates (2 req'd) 5044 Nut Gasket
5028 Lock Screws (2 req'd) 5043 Packing nut
5023 Base Pad for 5021 Base (2 req'd) 6013 Rubber seal
5021 Base (2 liter size) 6011 Piercing Needle 0.703 OAL of Piercing Point
6008 Adapter "O" Ringer 5017 Guide Rod 15" long (2 req'd) for 1 liter size tester
6009 Adapter Nut 6018 Cross bar for 1 liter size tester
5038 Gauge gasket (nylon) 5022 Base Pad (top) for #5020 Base
5039 Gauge Adapter 5020 Base (1 liter size)
5040 Adapter Gasket (nylon) 5022A Base Pad (bottom) for #5020 Base

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